Are You A Do It Yourselfer? (DIY)

Guitar Techniques for the Folk and Indie Artist - Four fingerstyle courses to take you from beginning to awesome. Take them in order: Beginnings, Fingerpicking, Bass Runs, and Strumming

Who are these courses for. Singers, Singer Songwriters, Accompanists, Small group players, and the hobbyist who just wants to play their favorite songs.

What will you learn? Every course will build on the previous one and each lesson will be applied to some old folk songs and spirituals.

The “Beginnings“ course will start at the very beginning and will take many people as far as they may need for their goals. You will learn the very basics of fingerpicking techniques, the concept of key and what the folk keys are, the chords in the folk keys, transposing, use of a capo, and an introduction to bar chords.

The “Fingerpicking“ course is the flagship of this group. You will learn numerous fingerpicking patterns in different time signatures including the Travis Pick, Folk Pick, and Waltz Pick. You will actively transpose chords and apply these picking patterns and combinations of them to many of history’s most awesome folk songs.

The “Bass Runs” course is a specialty course. Many players, even professionals, never learn this. But it can add a jaw dropping element to your play. You will learn the patterns that have been developed over decades by the old folk and blues players. This one is structured like a college course and is just packed with information. It will take some effort to work through it but it will be well worth it.

Most people begin learning to play by strumming chords so the “Strumming” course could have been a beginning course had I structured it that way. But I saved it for last so we could do more with it. You will learn how to strum with the fingers and the many different strumming patterns and also how you can alter the sound and feel of a pattern with accents, dynamics and muffles. Master these techniques and no one should ever tell you all of your songs sound the same. Part 2 (a work in progress at this time) will borrow from several styles to give you some advanced and very creative techniques

How It Works

These are monthly subscription opportunities to give you unlimited access to the videos and PDFs. you can cancel at anytime and should cancel when you finish a course so you will not be charged for another month. You can take an individual course but the best deal is the “Bundle“ course. For way less than the cost of private lessons you can work at your own pace, learn the songs presented that you want to learn, and even skip around if you already have some skills 

Need more information. Click on an individual course to see the Syllabus (list of lessons) and view the FREE content in each course

ALSO Only $3 per month for a limited time the Beginnings course from the Techniques series