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Unlimited access to all four ‘Building Repertoire’ Courses. 7 day FREE trial

Course Summary

NOTE; To see the curriculum (syllabus) and watch the FREE content without entering personal information CLICK on one of the individual courses.  You can also watch the Video to see how good looking I am and why this BUNDLE can be great for you.

The Introduction videos provide unique information and are well worth watching even if you are just a casual browser.

All of the ‘Building Repertoire’ Courses In one offer for a modest monthly fee much less than all the individual courses. 7 DAY FREE TRIAL Unlimited streaming access to the Videos, Sheet Music and TAB, and Audio files.

IT IS ALL ABOUT YOU. If you are a ‘do it yourself type’ the courses you will find here can help you at a fraction of the cost of private lessons. OR it can supplement those private lessons in a personal way. In this Bundled course there will be beautiful and playable arrangements of Christmas songs, Popular Melodies, Old Gospels, and some of the greatest classical compositions for guitar. Everything is broken down and demonstrated and sheet music with TAB is provided.
Work at your own pace and in the way that works best for you.

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Ron Wiggins

Graduated in 1977 from UNC at Greeley, Colorado with BA in Music. Has been performing and teaching ever since. Presently lives in Albuquerque, NM

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    Unlimited access to the four ‘Building Repertoire’ courses